BEST emergency plans for safe water


The dictionary definition of an “emergency” as a serious, unexpected, and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action.


Although this “situation” is “unexpected” by definition, we can establish in advance some reasonable plan for being able to take “immediate action”.


Next, consider the fact that the emergency is “unexpected”. We do not know what type of emergency we will face. Might it be a natural disaster such as a flood, a tornado, a hurricane, an earthquake, a solar flare…

Or, might it be man created by greed, war, family, government, neighbors, religion…


Regardless, because having safe water available at all times is CRITICAL, a reasonable plan that is in place prior to the emergency permits one to take the necessary immediate action.


We propose that your plan should have the following components to it:


  • Something short term to cover the first few days. Although bottled water will disappear off the store shelves immediately after an emergency situation, we believe some small bottled water supply is advisable. There are many shortcomings of bottled water- it can be difficult to transport, it may leach plastics from the bottle if exposed to the elements, it is of secondary quality, it has a shelf life, etc., bottled water still has the advantage of being immediately available in the short term.
  • Next, because the emergency is “unexpected”, we do not know what conditions we might face in advance. Consider the following longer term factors
  • We do not know if electricity or other energy source will be available
  • We do not know the duration of the emergency
  • We do not know if we will need to move to a new location for safety via evacuation
  • We do not know if our equipment and belongings will be available to us
  • We do not know that which we do not know!
  • Therefore, consider the following reasonable plan and the logic behind it. We believe a proper plan will have several




  1. Have some bottled water available for the short term. Given that many of us already drink bottled water, our normal store purchases should provide a small inventory at home or office to provide for the first few days.
  2. We recommend a good filter be available to you with at least a filtering to a 2 micron level. There are many inexpensive and excellent models available. These filters are portable, the cost is very reasonable, and if they can be back-washed, they can provide an extended supply of reasonably safe water.
  3. If affordable, we recommend some type of distillation equipment. The advantage is that this method can extract the water from sources that contain pesticides, prescription drugs, dangerous metals, etc. For example, filtering by itself will not necessarily eliminate all the dangers that distillation may. On the other hand, distillation requires the equipment to be available with an appropriate energy source at the point of emergency and these conditions might not always be exercisable.
  4. An appropriate container that you can consistently boil water in is usually available in our kitchen. Boiling can provide some short term protection if an appropriate energy source is available. In emergencies where there may be a gas leak, etc. this alternative might be unavailable.
  5. We recommend an adequate supply of AquaDrop™ on hand. The advantages of our product is that a two ounce bottle treats approximately 1,000 gallons of water to eliminate the cholera and ecoli and virtually all dangerous bacteria. There is no special equipment needed and no external sources of energy are required. AquaDrop™ has no shelf life and it can be carried in one’s pocket or bugout bag. It is ecologically safe, certified by the Environmental Protection Agency for almost a quarter century and has been used in public water systems for the same time period. It is domestically manufactured and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. And best of all, at an average cost of about 2.5 cents per gallon treated it is by far the least expensive alternative one has available so you can buy another bottle for your extended family and friends. Use it in the interim for camping or wherever there is a concern over your water supply.